LOS ANGELES,  INDUSTRY GALLERY December, 2015 – January, 2106:  STAR SOFA – Antonio Pio Saracino for Donghia, Rubelli 

Donghia, Rubelli and Antonio Pio Saracino are proud to announce their new partnership, which gives birth to the extraordinary “STAR SOFA.”

This inventive ottoman self-illuminates thanks to fiber-optics woven into the upholstered fabrics. The powerful combination of Antonio’s design, Donghia’s furniture and lighting know-how, and Rubelli’s weaving skills, results into a breath-taking Sofa with a fabric illuminated by LED light sources, something never seen before in the history of home furnishings.
The perfect merger of tradition, design, technology, and art, STAR SOFA will be produced in a limited edition of 12 pieces, each representing one of the 12 constellations of the zodiac.

The first one, “Pisces”, will be presented in exhibition at Industry Gallery, the renowned design and art gallery based in Los Angeles. A launch event is scheduled in their Pacific Design Center space the evening of Thursday, November 12th.
Industry Gallery strives to showcase the avant-garde and innovative, what it sees as the foundations of modern and contemporary design.  From 3D-printed jewelry to rooms constructed out of motherboards, each of Industry’s pieces represents modernization of design, and how new technology influences the construction of new art.